12 Best Blenders for Smoothies [Update 2021]

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Smoothies are our everyday favorite. We love smoothies all the way and what can be better if you can make them on your own? You love banana and berry smoothies and you got those at home. Won’t you want to try your hand at smoothies? And for this what you need is the best blender for smoothies which can blend your ingredients to give the perfect texture and combination you need. While choosing a blender you need to decide on two things- budget or usage. If you choose to use it occasionally, then a low budget one will be good enough but if you plan to make smoothies a lot, then you need to find a high-end product which can be relatively expensive.

Before you go out to buy your best blender for smoothies, it is better if you have a look at the product buying guide of the product to make your life easier and simpler. Here are few points which can help to decide on the best one:

  1. High-end products give longer warranty periods and are expensive mostly.
  2. Countertop blenders are better and more efficient for perfect smoothies.
  3. If you want to cut down on space and want to have the soup or smoothies inside the container, then handheld immersion blenders are the best.
  4. At what wattage do you want them to work and your preferred electricity consumption?
  5. Check whether the blades are stronger; this is what matters for longer term usage.
  6. A lightweight blender is always preferable.
  7. The best are those which are of plastic as glass can shatter any time.

List of Best Blenders for Smoothies

1. Magic Bullet Blender

This blender set consists of blades, blender cups, recipe books and more. The Magic Bullet grinds, chops, blends, mixes, whips and can do more other things. High-impact plastics are used to make the cups of the blender. The blender blends the items very fast and effortlessly which makes the cooking process very easy and convenient. The set comes with a recipe book so that you do not have to think much about what to make with the help of this magic bullet blender set.

2. Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender

The blender has a huge capacity to accommodate items and blend them together. The blender with its powerful blades can blend the items speedily. Smoothies, frozen drinks, crushed ice, margaritas and many more can be made easily with the help of this ninja blender. It works amazing and can save a lot of time unlike the regular blenders. It can crush ice or other ingredients in no time with the help of its six blade assembly. 

3. Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender

The performance it offers is good enough for you to save time and energy. It is dishwasher safe and each part of the blender is BPA free. It gives results in seconds and is very easy to operate. The design of the blender is presentable and the construction is good as well. Reading the user manual will make it easy to operate. The blender works perfectly fine and it can be used regularly for making the cooking process more easy.

4. Cuisinart CPB-300 350 Watt BPA-Free Blender

The blender comes with a very powerful motor and has a sleek electronic touch pad. It also has LED indicator lights and auto stop features. The stainless steel blades blend the items perfectly and very fast. There is a safety interlock feature here as well. The blender has a nice design and can go with anyone’s kitchen. The construction of the blender is also pretty good and it would not be a bad idea to go for this.

5. Ninja BL450 BL456 Mixer

The blender has the powerful blades to break down fruits and vegetables easily for smoothies and juices. It provides vitamins and nutrients extraction performance so you can get the proper nutrients from the smoothies and juices made out of fruits and vegetables. Each part of the blender is BPA free and it is also dishwasher safe. The design is also attractive and is presentable. The parts can be disassembled without any trouble and then put back. Overall the performance of this blender is great and is easy to operate.

6. Ninja Personal Blender for Shakes

The blender has a great design to offer and is very presentable. The blender is capable of extracting the hidden vitamins and nutrients from the fruits and vegetables. It comes with a recipe book to make you ponder less on what to make with the help of this blender. Every part of the blender is dishwasher safe so you will have no trouble cleaning it after you are done using. It comes in a really nice shape and the blender is lightweight as well. 

7. Oster Blender Pro 1200 with Glass Jar

It has three pre-programmed settings and is made of smart settings technology. The Boroclass glass jar can take the thermal shock and the blender is dishwasher safe. The blades are very powerful and can blend anything very fast and effortlessly. The performance of this appliance is good and the design of the blender is pretty good as well. You can use it everyday for blending yourself smoothies or juices. This will give you a very good experience unlike the regular blenders that do not last that long.

8. Cuisinart CBT-2000 3.5 Peak Hurricane Pro Blender

The blender is very powerful as it has high horsepower. It comes with a soft grip handle for your convenience. Performance level is really good and it can blend really fast giving smooth results.It also has memory function and does not change until you make any changes to it. The speed can be controlled depending on the item you put inside for mixing. The design is sophisticated and can go with any kitchen interior. It is very easy to operate and get the desired outcomes in no time.

9. COSORI Heavy Duty Professional Blender

This blender is designed in California and contains razor-sharp blades. The blending process is super fast when this blender is used and it is capable of absorbing the nutrients and vitamins from the ingredients that are put into it. The high performance blender motor makes any ingredient blend perfectly. It has a non-slip handle and includes a noise reduction pad which makes this appliance user-friendly. So it would not be a bad idea to get one of these for your kitchen.

10. Oster BLSTMB Blender with Glass Jar

This lets you make varieties of items effortlessly. Food chopper feature and blender and pre-programmed settings all are available in this blender. The blades are very powerful that give a very high performance, hence making the mixing and blending experience very interesting and convenient. The set comes with six cup Boroclass glass jars, processing bowls that are 5 of them and BPA free, and the chopping blade and slicing disk that are of stainless steel. It gives a 10 years warranty unlike the regular blender with glass jar.

11. La Reveuse Smoothies Blender Personal Size

It has a pure copper motor and can break down food very fast and effortlessly. This is portable meaning you can easily carry it to other places without any hassle. It is very easy to operate and safe to use as well. All the parts in this blender are BPA free that helps you to have safe drinks by using this. Varieties of items can be made with the help of this blender starting from juice, smoothie to protein drinks. The design is sophisticated and can go with any kitchen interior. So you can easily go for this without having to worry about anything.

12. La Reveuse Personal Size Blender 250 Watts

The blender is very efficient as it works perfectly fine and fast. It gives the desired results and is very easy to operate. The design of this blender is sleek and attractive. It can easily be kept in any place and it does not take up much space. The look is presentable and can go with your kitchen interior smoothly. You can get one for your kitchen and use it everyday for making your work very easy and less time consuming.

The above mentioned points are good enough to get your hands on the best blender for smoothies. Undoubtedly a small buying guide helps a lot. However, expensive does not mean good quality, so a little background check is needed.

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