7 Best Burger Press Reviews [Update 2020]

Burgers certainly do make us go crazy. Those cheese and mustard with the big fat patty inside is what you need to settle your hunger. There are numerous burger shops around. They are making a great deal out of their business. But are you eating healthy? Making burgers at home using the best burger press is healthy, economical and a fun experience as well. You likewise get the chance to try different things with flavors and meats. You can try out making a fish burger as well! If you are a vegetarian, using the best burger press you can also go on making some veggie burgers. It is very very simple to use. Simply put the hash in the mold, include whatever flavoring, and press everything to get a decent minimized and delightful slashed steak. This even pressure ensures uniform cooking of your burger and encourages you to eat more securely.

Basic, little, and adaptable, the best burger presses will help you to meet your burger cravings at any time of the day or even night. Take a look at the buying guide to help you find the best one:

  1. Pick your affordable one. 
  2. Verify whether it is made of food safe material.
  3. Check if the patty thickness can be adjustable according to your need. 
  4. Look for a nonstick coat so that the food can be easily removed. 
  5. It should be dishwasher safe. 
  6. Check whether it can be disassembled for easy cleaning purposes. 
  7. Look for a heavy duty one if you are buying for commercial purposes. 
  8. It should be easy to use.
  9. It should be lightweight. 
  10. Check the durability of the product. 

List of Best Burger Presses

1. Cuisinart CSBP-100 Stuffed Burger Press

Cuisinart CSBP-100 3-in-1 Stuffed Burger Press, Black
  • Ultimate 3-in-1 burger making tool
  • Makes stuffed burgers, sliders, and regular burgers
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Non-stick coating

2. Weston Burger Hamburger Press

Weston Burger Hamburger Press , Makes 4 1/2" Patties, 1/4lb to 3/4lb
  • Press your favorite ground meat & seasonings into consistent, perfectly packed burgers
  • Also great for making stuffed burgers, crab cakes & sausage patties
  • Make consistent burgers that cook evenly and don't fall apart on the grill
  • Adjustable patty weight from ¼ pound to ¾ pound
  • Patties measure 4 ½ inch in diameter

3. GWHOLE Non-Stick Burger Press

GWHOLE Non-Stick Burger Press Aluminum Hamburger Patty Maker with 100 Wax Papers for BBQ Grill
  • Food-grade aluminum die-cast, pie plate as a whole, the quality is reliable
  • Simply load the burger maker with meat, fish or a veggie mixture and press down the handle to produce a perfect thick round burger!
  • Non-stick cast aluminum, 100 free parchment paper included, which makes releasing the burger from the press a breeze, also can be used for BBQ
  • More than a mold. Can be used as a roast plate and heated on the fire directly
  • Detachable solid plastic handle saves storage space when going out for picnic or outdoor BBQ

4. Radicaln Burger Press

Radicaln Burger Press Round 7 Inches Diameter Heavy Cast Iron Bacon Press with Wooden Handle for Kitchen & Commercial Grade - Sandwich & Grill Press - Quesadillas, Hamburgers & Steaks
  • 7 Inches Diameter with 1 Year Warranty! Cut your cooking time in half with this burger press. All the little cravings and hunger butterflies will be gone as this burger press allows you to have a favorite meal in span of minutes.
  • This burger press is made from heavy duty cast iron and Made in Pakistan. It can be used for grilling as well as pan purpose. Non sticky burger press is best for all raw ingredients like patty, fish, bacons, veggies, bagels and even English muffins.
  • With the help of wooden handle, you do not require any kind of gloves while functioning or lifting. You just need to pre heat your food a bit, press it and it is all ready to be served. The back of burger press features line dividers which will make your meat or any other ingredient sear evenly and eliminate all overcooked sections.
  • The handle of the burger press is attached through removable screws. It is easier to clean. No matter if you are fond of outside grill, inside grill or skillet it goes well with all kinds. Quick food with even serving and clean presentation, this burger press is all you need.
  • This burger press comes in a secure packaging and is a bit heavier in weight. While it has a strong and balance bottom so it won’t slip. We process all replacements and exchanges for 30 days after product delivery. Feel free to contact us for any query.

5. Mountain Grillers Burger Press

Mountain Grillers Burger Press Patty Burger Maker - Non Stick Hamburger Mold Kit for Easily Making Delicious Stuffed Burgers, Regular Beef Burger and Perfect Shaped Patties - Bonus 40 Wax Papers
  • ★THE BEST THING FOR BURGERS SINCE THE BUN - Don’t put up with messy, unshapely hand made patties any longer! Impress your friends with big, fat, juicy hamburgers with consistent thickness and shape that cook evenly and won’t fall apart on the grill - Every time!
  • ★FAST & EASY WAY TO PUT TOPPINGS INSIDE YOUR BURGER - Stuff burgers with whatever toppings you love - caramelised onions, mushrooms, bacon, sun dried tomatoes, along with any kind of cheese … the possibilities are endless. Just add your ingredients and press. The non stick bottom of the mold pops out so you can remove your perfectly round, bun size burgers with ease and without mess.
  • ★SIZE DOES MATTER! - You choose! Go large 1/2 pounders or quarter pounder, or go gourmet - and stuff! From spicy jalapeño to oozing with cheese, stuffed burgers bring your backyard BBQ to a whole new level. Crank up the grill and grab a cold beer. Your burgers and your buddies will thank you for it!
  • ★QUICK & EASY CLEAN UP - Don’t waste time cleaning up - our stuffed burger presses come apart quickly for easy cleaning. Simply toss in the dishwasher when you’re done, and get back to the barbecue party.
  • ★BONUS - HAVE 40 WAX PATTY PAPERS ON US: These wax papers prevent your freshly made burgers from sticking to each other, and makes your frozen ones easy to separate

6. Weber Original Burger Press

Weber 6483 Original Burger Press,Black
  • Create perfect, flat patties every time
  • Designed for 1/4 or 1/2-pound burger patties
  • Makes a dimple in patty
  • Detachable handle for easy cleaning
  • Nylon grip handle

7. Avant Grub Restaurant Grade Burger Press

Restaurant-Grade Burger Press and Patty Paper Combo Set. Cast Aluminum 4.5 Hamburger Maker with 1000 Pk 4.75 x 5 Nonstick Wax Butcher Squares! Great for .25 Lb Ground Beef or Chop Steak Patties.
  • PRO-GRADE PRESS = PRO-QUALITY BURGERS. Our nonstick aluminum burger press crafts uniform patties every time for a flavorful, evenly cooked burger. Creates up to quarter-pound, 0.25 inch thick burgers.
  • CUT PREP TIME AND ENJOY THE PARTY. Prep meat and cheese in advance and store in the fridge or freezer for later. Forget about spending the whole party at the grill and spend your barbecue with family.
  • GUARANTEED FOR LIFE. We offer a No-Nonsense Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee on all our patty makers. If at any point you're not 100% happy, just send us an email, and we promise to make it right!
  • FREEZER-SAFE BULK STORAGE = STRESS-FREE DINNER! Make dinnertime easy with convenient wax butcher paper squares. Keep steak, pork chops and cold cuts in bulk so you'll always have meals ready to go.
  • GREAT FOR MAKING CANDIES, COOKIES AND MORE. Our deli squares are for more than just meat. Use as baking or twisting paper to prepare and gift cookies, taffy and caramel. Also great for origami crafts!

A large portion of us appreciate a decent burger, regardless of whatever is inside it. Utilizing the best burger press will enable it to taste far more superior when you will not need to go through hours in the kitchen manipulating and forming patties.

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