8 Best Hand Mixer Reviews [Update 2022]

8 Best Hand Mixer Reviews [Update 2022]

The best hand mixer is a fundamental kitchen apparatus for any house. Regardless of whether you are mixing, blending, whipping, or beating, you will need one in your kitchen. Hand mixers can be utilized for blending a wide range of nourishment, including eggs, whipping cream, player, mixture, icing, etc. You can easily turn boiled potatoes to mashed ones in no time. These bring in great excitement and facilities. Some hand mixer models offer various other features other than the mixer itself, for example, dough hooks and whisks, making them multi-reason kitchen instruments. Others may have capacity compartments to hold the connections and string. 

However, with such a significant number of models available today, it’s difficult to pick which one to spend your cash on. Thus you need this buying guide to help you pick the best hand mixer:

  1. Go for the design which suits your taste. 
  2. Choose the one which is budget friendly for you but has the required features.
  3. Check the material of the mixer. 
  4. Check how powerful the mixer is and how easily it can change speed.
  5. Go for longer warranty periods to ensure the durability of the mixer. 
  6. Maintenance is a big thing so go for a mixer which can be easily cleaned. 
  7. Compact hand mixers are easy to store. 
  8. Go for a lightweight one which will be easier for you to use. 

List of Best Hand Mixers

1. KitchenAid KHM512ER Ultra Power Hand Mixer

Hand mixers are extremely important in the kitchen. You do not necessarily need to be a baker to own this thing. This particular hand mixer has 5 different speed levels to mix the ingredients according to your choice. Different speeds are added blessings to grind and paste your desired ingredients accordingly. You can work from any side you are comfortable. The cord is very easy to use and clean. All the parts here can be easily disassembled. Lastly, the entire hand mixer is dishwasher safe and has a one year warranty period.  

2. BLACK+DECKER MX1500W Lightweight Hand Mixer

This is one of the best professional beaters you can ask for. The beaters are removable for easy cleaning purposes. It has 5 different speed levels to make any grind or paste of ingredients you wish to. It has a comfort grip so that you do not get tired while working with it. All the parts here are dishwasher safe. 

3. KitchenAid KHM7210CU Digital Hand Mixer

Amazing thing as it is, it has seven different speed levels to make you have seven different pasting and grinding experiences. It starts soft and slowly and then lets you get into the desired speed level so make things smooth. The cord needs to be fixed at one place in order for you to move around the beater in any direction you like to. The soft grip handle makes the beating experience easier for you.

4. Cuisinart HM-90S Power Advantage Plus Mixer

This brings you to another automated hand mixer to make your life easier in the kitchen. It comes along with a 220-watt motor. This is one of the best hand mixers that provide you a single button for turning the motor on and off. It has nine different speed settings to adjust to the type of ingredient you are beating. Along with that, there are three low start speeds to deduce the level at which you want to start. The entire package includes beaters, dough hooks, spatula, chef’s whisk and an instruction-cum-recipe book. 

5. BLACK+DECKER MX600B Premium Hand Mixer

Are you looking for an improved design along with better performance? The beater will definitely take your heart away. This beauty will surely enhance the look of your kitchen and the performance is two times better than any other. The entire set includes two beaters, two dough hooks, and one wire whisk. It ensures the durability of the entire mixer and delivers consistent performance over time. This also helps you set the right speed for your work and has five different speed levels. 

6. Breville BHM800SILUSC Hand Mixer

This is one of the best hand mixers which got the best detection technology. Here, you do not need to adjust the speed level according to your need. Rather it will detect what you are doing and adjust itself according to that speed. Moreover, while it concentrates on mixing ingredients very well, it also makes sure to reduce the sound as much as possible. Noises are pretty annoying while you are using a hand mixer but this one has got your back. It has a beautiful outlook with comfortable handling grips to ensure the best experience possible. It has a compact storage box to keep the other accessories. 

7. VonShef Hand Mixer Whisk With Chrome Beater

This is another beautiful hand mixer to your wish list. It has got a 250-watt motor which is very powerful indeed. It has five different speed settings along with a turbo booster. It is more suitable for beating eggs, creams and sort of light products. It is very lightweight and hence, easier for you to carry around. Moreover, it does not have any tricky functions for you. It is very simple and easy to operate with an extremely stylish design. 

8. OXO Good Grips Hand Mixer

If you are looking for a lightweight small hand mixer, you are at the right place now. It is enclosed for protection and can be easily cleaned. It is super comfortable to use. The beaters can be removed while you do the cleaning and reassembled. It is dishwasher safe to begin with. 

For most homemakers hand mixers are increasingly advantageous than stand blenders for little blending and mixing errands. To buy the best hand mixer, check the buying guide and purchase the best one.

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