6 Best Kitchen Scissor Reviews [Update 2020]

It is necessary to have a pair of kitchen scissors in your kitchen. Sometimes using a knife to chop the herbs or edges of asparagus seems useless. This complicates the cutting process because knives are usually for cutting big items, and when you want to give a trim to any of your veggies or herbs, then a knife is not the ideal tool. That is why you should place your hands on the best kitchen scissors instead of a knife. Kitchen scissors have very sharp blades to perform specific tasks. A pair of kitchen scissors would manage to cut the tip of a basil leaf to lobster’s tail quickly and effortlessly. It will give a perfect finishing to any item you are planning to cook. Also, a pair of kitchen scissors can cut down cardboard, plastics, or standard packages very smoothly. 

So, you see, this tool offers a lot of services to a household in everyday life. However, purchasing the best kitchen scissors can be a tough job as there are many options and choices you can find around you. This guide will show you the route to the best kitchen scissors that you would not regret spending money on:

  1. The pair of scissors should be affordable.
  2. See if it is comfortable to hold and use.
  3. It should have ultra-sharp blades so that you do not have to put pressure and easily cut through the items.
  4. Look for something made of stainless steel and which is rustproof.
  5. Check for its durability and scratch-proof characteristics.
  6. Go for a stylish design that would match your taste.
  7. It should be able to be heavy-duty. 
  8. The pair should come with a safety cover so that it does not damage anything with its pointed tip or sharp edges.

List of Best Kitchen Scissors

1. Spring Chef Kitchen Stainless Steel Scissors

Kitchen Shears with Blade Cover, Stainless Steel Scissors for Herbs, Chicken, Meat & Vegetables, Black
8,510 Reviews
Kitchen Shears with Blade Cover, Stainless Steel Scissors for Herbs, Chicken, Meat & Vegetables, Black
  • Gold Standard In Kitchen Products - Sharp, precise cuts are literally at your fingertips. These shears require very little effort and make tasks around the kitchen, house and garden easier. They don't mangle what you are cutting either. Solid and well-built, they are powerful and dependable with stainless steel blades that won't rust.
  • The Swiss Army Knife For The Kitchen - Multi-purpose scissors that can cut chicken/poultry, meat, vegetables, fresh and dried fruits, herbs, chocolate, and even string, packaging and flower stems. Built-in bottle opener is convenient and can also be used to crack open nuts.
  • A Cut Above The Rest - These are built to last and will never falter or hesitate as you snip. Try them to cut toppings for a salad, cut apart pizza, remove blemishes from produce, de-core lettuce and cabbage, trim artichokes, de-stem strawberries and more. You may find yourself using them for miscellaneous items as well such as cutting cardboard, paper, foil or milk jugs. They cut through materials like butter and are up for all tasks with comfortable handles that are easy to grip.
  • Cut Down On Prep Time - Quick and efficient to get your meals prepared fast. Reduces the need to drag out a cutting board and larger knife, saving time and energy as well. Cut foods directly into a bowl or pot. Durable to power through your toughest jobs with excellent blade edges that easily slice through foods and non-food items alike.
  • Shear Delight - You'll wonder how you ever did without these and may find yourself using them several times to prepare a single meal. They are a joy to use and come with a removable blade cover to keep your shears and hands safe. Fits equally well in left or right hand with comfortable, symmetrical handles. Plus they are Dishwasher Safe and backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

2. OXO Good Grips Multi-Purpose Kitchen Scissors

OXO Good Grips Multi-Purpose Kitchen and Herbs Scissors
6,413 Reviews
OXO Good Grips Multi-Purpose Kitchen and Herbs Scissors
  • Set includes: Travel Case and Feeding Spoon
  • Compact case fits easily into diaper bags and handbags for on-the-go meals
  • Silicone Spoon is soft on baby’s mouth and gums and effective for scraping food from bowls, jars or messy faces
  • Spoon is shaped for easy scooping
  • Shallow Spoon head prevents feeding too much at once

3. Gidli Kitchen Shears

Kitchen Shears by Gidli - Lifetime Replacement Warranty- Includes Seafood Scissors As a Bonus - Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Multipurpose Ultra Sharp Utility Scissors.
5,616 Reviews
Kitchen Shears by Gidli - Lifetime Replacement Warranty- Includes Seafood Scissors As a Bonus - Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Multipurpose Ultra Sharp Utility Scissors.
  • A USEFUL SET FOR ANY KICTHEN: Everyone needs a pair of sharp shears and a pair of seafood scissors in their household. The kitchen scissors will make any meal preparation faster and the seafood peelers will help you remove the shells of shrimps and prawns fast and with ease. Gidli offers you both these cutting tools in one practical bundle that will make your life so much easier! So get the multipurpose utility scissors set and upgrade your kitchen equipment.
  • THE SHARPEST KITCHEN SHEARS: Made with heavy duty stainless steel, these kitchen scissors will be the most durable tool in your kitchen! And you can cut anything you want with them – chicken, poultry, fish, cooked and raw meat, vegetables, fruit, herbs and anything else you need for your meal. Thanks to their sharp blades, the Gidli multipurpose utility shears will never fail you. So you can basically use them to cut anything you want, not just food!
  • EAT YOUR SEAFOOD WITH EASE: Do you love shrimps and prawn but hate the part where you remove the shell? With the seafood scissors, this procedure will become a breeze! You will no longer need to use the knife and make your hands more dirty than needed. With the seafood peeler, you’ll spend more time enjoying your fresh shrimps and prawns, and less time cleaning them. So next time you want to eat fish, don’t hold back! Get the shrimps and the prawns!
  • EASY TO USE AND TO MAINTAIN: The ergonomically designed handles of the kitchen shears and the seafood scissors will offer you a soft and secure grip while you use the multipurpose cutting tools. And once you’re done using the stainless steel kitchen shears and the prawn and shrimp peeler, simply put them in the dishwasher or hand wash them. The high quality stainless steel won’t get rusty and the Gidli multipurpose scissors will always be as good as new.
  • GUARANTEED FOR A LIFETIME: Get the professional kitchen shears and the seafood scissors set and try these cooking tools out. See how practical, durable and useful they are in your kitchen. How could you live without them? However, if for any reason you’re not satisfied with the utility shears or the seafood scissors, we will give you your money back. Thanks to the Gidli lifetime satisfaction guarantee, this is a 100% risk - free purchase, so don’t hold back! Place and order Now!

4. TANSUNG Kitchen Scissors

TANSUNG Kitchen Shears, Come-apart Kitchen Scissors, Anti-rust Multi-Purpose Shears for Meat, Herbs (Black)
1,693 Reviews
TANSUNG Kitchen Shears, Come-apart Kitchen Scissors, Anti-rust Multi-Purpose Shears for Meat, Herbs (Black)
  • ✂✂✂【COME APART EASILY FOR CLEANING】✂✂✂ - One multi-functional kitchen scissors separable, extremely easy to come apart and place it in dishwasher for the cleaning. All-in-one kitchen tool to have as it cuts raw meat, scraping fish scales, cracking nuts, chopping up herbs, open bottles as opener, peeler for vegetable and fruits.
  • ✂✂✂【STILL WORRY ABOUT THE RUSTING?】✂✂✂ - The kitchen scissors heavy duty is crafted from 5Cr15MoV stainless steel widely used in making high quality chef knives, resistant to rusting and corrosion; Comes out of the dishwasher without any rust stains; Made by CNC technology represent premium quality and delicate aesthetics, which makes the blades become extremely sharp for cutting many tough things.
  • ✂✂✂【COMFORTABLE HANDLES TO HOLD】✂✂✂ - The large handles would fit your hands well, that will not be too tight and lead to a lot of effort, extremely easy to hold; Larger size of grips with meticulously stylish pattern and soft material surrounded, not only offer larger room for your fingers to rest and absorb pressure when using, but also a visual feast.
  • ✂✂✂【KITCHEN TRANSFORMER】✂✂✂ - The come-apart design empowers your multi-functional kitchen shears. While doing cutting jobs, such as tough things, blades attached by high grade pivot screw outperform others fixed by components. ✂✂✂【DELICATE PACKAGING】✂✂✂ - Excellent kitchen shears with incredible packaging. The lovely presentation box, shrinkwrapped is definitely great for gifts. Other than that, the delicate packaging could protect our pretty shears.
  • ✂✂✂【LIFETIME WARRANTY & 100% MONEY BACK SERVICE】✂✂✂ - We strive to create the products that MAKE U SMILE, so if we cannot satisfy your needs for ANY reason, or if there are any product issues, please feel free to let us know and we would help you immediately - make a replacement one or refund.

5. KitchenAid All Purpose Shears

KitchenAid All Purpose Shears with Protective Sheath, 8.72-Inch, Black
32,021 Reviews
KitchenAid All Purpose Shears with Protective Sheath, 8.72-Inch, Black
  • Plastic guard included: These KitchenAid Soft Grip Handle Shears comes with a protective plastic blade guard
  • Stainless steel blades: The blades are crafted from stainless steel that resists rusting
  • Clean cut every time: Each blade features micro-serrations for enhanced cutting performance and are extra thick for added strength and durability
  • Comfort grip handle: The handle is shaped for comfort and features a soft-grip coating for stability
  • Dishwasher safe Shears are dishwasher safe, but hand washing is recommended for longevity

6. CLEAR STYLE Multipurpose Stainless Scissors

Kitchen Shears By Clear Style, Multipurpose Stainless Scissors-Steel Cooking Shears, Dishwasher Safe, Perfect For Preparing Beef, Chicken, Vegetables, Fish, and More, Black and White (2 Pack)
1,498 Reviews
Kitchen Shears By Clear Style, Multipurpose Stainless Scissors-Steel Cooking Shears, Dishwasher Safe, Perfect For Preparing Beef, Chicken, Vegetables, Fish, and More, Black and White (2 Pack)
  • ✅ MULTI-PURPOSE UTILITY TOOL: Our scissors are the perfect choice for allkitchens - excellent for cutting large meats, bones, ribs, chicken wings, poultry, seafood,herbs, vegetables, and more. The innovative serrated blade design allows you to removefish scales as well. Additional steel teeth located between the handles can open tightlysealed bottles, crack crab shells or nuts, and even works as a bottle opener. Moreversatile than a knife and as vital as a refrigerator to any kitchen!
  • ✅ REMARKABLE PERFORMANCE OUTSIDE THE KITCHEN: Good, sharp, and soeasy to use, these scissors go beyond culinary aid, use them everywhere you can,whether cutting cardboard, papers, hard plastic, flowers or for heavy duty gardening likebreaking up branches or metal wire. They also make ideal camping and bbq scissors andare small enough to easily pack with your gear.
  • ✅ HIGH-QUALITY, PROFESSIONAL DESIGN: Our ultra-sharp, notched blades makecutting comfortable, light, and effortless while easily outperforming all other kitchenscissors whether you are left or right handed chef. Made using premium, durable, topgrade stainless-steel for rust-proof blades that you can cover with the provided holderwhile storing. They are dishwasher safe, but remember to dry thoroughly before storage.
  • ✅ ERGONOMIC HANDLES: The handles are designed to provide comfortable, firm,non-slip contact. Use them all day long without straining your hands - perfect foreveryday home use, or professional use by chefs, butchers, and more. You won't find thislevel of comfort using knives!
  • ✅ LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY: At Clear Style, we are sellers who takepride in the craftsmanship of our products. When you click ‘Add to Cart’ now, you willget the best kitchen shears on the market in addition to a 100% satisfaction and lifetimereplacement/money back guarantee. If you are not happy with our product for whateverreason, simply return it for a FULL REFUND.

Working with a knife may seem a bit dangerous at times, and some people are not good with knives, for them, kitchen scissors are the big solution. If you have followed this guide, then you already know which is the best kitchen scissors for you, and you can now grab yours without doubts.

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